Are you looking to formally adopt your step child?  Finding the process a little complicated?  Let our experienced Adoption Lawyers help you.

At Lockett McCullough Family Lawyers we have extensive experience in navigating the adoption process.  Our goal is to help you through the process so that it remains a joyous time for you and your family.

The starting point is to ensure you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are over 18 years of age;
  2. You are a Queensland and Australian Resident;
  3. You have lived with your step child for at least 3 years;
  4. Your step child is at least 5 years of age but no older than 17 years of age;
  5. All biological parents consent to your Application to Adopt.

If you do meet these criteria, then you can commence the two step process set out below:

  1. Make an Application to the Family Court seeking leave to commence the adoption process; and
  2. Once leave is granted, contact Adoption Services Queensland to start the adoption process.

We can help you each step of the way!

If you do not meet the criteria, there are other options available to you.

Contact our experienced Family and Adoption Lawyers today to discuss your individual circumstances and options.


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