Binding Financial Agreements

Looking to enter into a Financial Agreement with your spouse or partner?

This is not a decision to be made lightly.  Before you enter into such an agreement contact our experienced Family Lawyers to discuss the effect of this document on your future and entitlements.

There are three main types of Financial Agreements which our Family Lawyers can assist and advise on:

  • A Financial Agreement made before cohabitation or marriage (a prenuptial agreement). This aims to protect property accumulated by each party prior to the relationship or marriage;
  • A Financial Agreement made during the relationship or marriage. This sets out how your property pool is to be divided in the case of a breakdown in your relationship or marriage;
  • A Financial Agreement made post separation. This formalises any property division agreed between you and your spouse.  It is an option available to you as an alternative to Court Orders.

A Financial Agreement is designed to prevent you or your partner making an Application to the Court down the track for a property division.  It is important that you receive independent legal advice from our experienced Family Lawyers before you draft or sign this document.  A Financial Agreement will only be binding once both parties receive independent legal advice and sign the document.

Make sure you understand what you are signing!

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