QCAT matters

Are you currently an Applicant or Respondent to a QCAT Dispute?

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) covers a number of areas from which disputes arise, including neighbourhood disputes (dividing fences and tree disputes), residential tenancy disputes, minor debt recovery, trade and consumer disputes, occupational regulation and so on.

If you are a party to a QCAT Dispute, contact our experienced Lawyers today for advice about the QCAT process and your options.  Don’t go into this process blind!  If you are well informed, you will be best placed to make informed decisions.

Our services include:

  • providing advice about all disputes falling with the QCAT jurisdiction;
  • drafting documentation required for your matter; and
  • attending hearings if we are successful in seeking leave to appear from QCAT.

We will not always be given leave by QCAT to represent you at a hearing.  This is because QCAT is designed to be cost effective for all parties to a dispute.  As a result, QCAT has discretion about whether you can have a lawyer represent you at a hearing.  We can apply to QCAT to represent you at a hearing depending upon the nature of your dispute and any power imbalance between the parties.

If leave is not granted, we can still shadow you to ensure you understand the process, how to approach the hearing and your options moving forward.

Let our experienced Lawyers help you through this process today!

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