Work Licence Applications

If you are charged with drink or drug driving offences, you may be eligible for a work licence which will allow you to drive a vehicle for the purposes of your employment.

To be eligible for a work licence you must prove to the Court that if you are not granted a work licence you will lose your job, which will cause you extreme hardship and that you are a fit and proper person to hold a work licence.

The Court may grant you a work licence but impose restrictions on you, such as the times when you may drive, the purposes for which you may drive the class of vehicle you may drive and the carrying of passengers in the vehicle.

Our experienced Criminal Lawyers can assist you with your work licence application by appearing for you in Court and also by preparing all of the documentation required for your application. This includes:

An affidavit from yourself addressing your work, financial, driving and personal circumstances – unless already included in the QP9 (police report), you should also exhibit your traffic and criminal history;

An affidavit from your employer addressing the necessity of a licence to your job and the consequences of you not obtaining a work licence;

An Application for an Order directing the issue of a Restricted Licence.

It is possible that you or your employer may be called to give evidence in the witness box before the magistrate regarding any of the matters disclosed in your affidavits.

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