Off-the-Plan Contracts

Buying a property ‘off-the-plan’ can be a daunting experience, as you are buying a property without actually viewing it.

Purchasing this type of property can have both advantages and disadvantages; however ultimately, ‘off the plan’ contracts are usually always drafted in favour of the developer – to give them as many rights as possible – and you as the buyer, as fewer rights as possible.

It is therefore crucial, as the buyer in ‘off the plan’ Conveyancing Works, that you contact our experienced Conveyancers to obtain legal advice prior to signing the Contract.  This will allow us to ensure that your interests are protected as much as possible.


Our experienced Conveyancers, Property and Commercial Lawyers act for many developers in their construction of new community titles schemes containing a multiple units or townhouses. We can do everything from drafting the ‘off the plan’ Contract and Disclosure Statements, to lodging the survey plan for registration with the Titles Office and to also setting up the body corporate.

No matter whether you are a Developer or Buyer ensure your interests are protected in your Conveyancing work and contact our experienced Conveyancers, Property and Commercial Lawyers today.

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