Bail Applications

Bail is an undertaking that you give to the Court that you will attend Court on the date stated in your bail undertaking and that you will comply with any further conditions of your release.

If you are arrested, charged and placed in the watchouse the Police may grant you bail. Once you sign the bail undertaking, you will be released. If the Police do not grant you bail at the watchouse, or, if the police issue you with a notice to appear, you will need to apply for bail at the time of your Court proceedings.

Once you are placed on bail you will be entitled to remain in the community until your next Court appearance.

If you apply for bail and your bail is refused there are limited circumstances in which you will then be able to re-apply for bail. Firstly, if there is a change in your circumstances you may be eligible to reapply for bail before the Magistrate; however this can be difficult to demonstrate. Alternatively, you are entitled to make a Supreme Court Bail Application. This bail application is heard by a Supreme Court judge as an application to the Court.

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