Special Hardship Orders

Special Hardship Orders are similar to work or restricted licences in many ways. They were introduced to enable people to continue to drive for specific purposes during a period when their licences are suspended or disqualified.

You may be eligible for a special hardship order if you:

  • Are going to lose your licence because of the allocation of demerit points or a high speed suspension
  • Have a current Queensland open or provisional licence
  • Have a traffic history free from suspensions or disqualifications for at least 5 years
  • Need your licence for work, to get to and from work or for another special purpose

Applying for a Special Hardship Order

The laws surrounding Special Hardship Orders are very strictly interpreted by both Queensland Transport and the courts. Deviating even slightly from the set procedure will lead to your application being refused. We strongly recommend you contact our experienced Criminal Lawyers as soon as you receive a letter from Queensland Transport saying your licence is to be suspended.  Let us help you navigate your way through the Special Hardship License process!

It is imperative that you remember that you only have twenty-one (21) days from the date that your suspension starts to make an application. The Court does not have any power to grant you an extension. If you do not file your application with at least one (1) supporting affidavit within this timeline the court will not be able to hear your application.

You must apply to the Magistrates Court in the district in which you live and prepare the following documents –

  • Application for a Special Hardship Order
  • Affidavit explaining why you should be granted a Special Hardship Order
  • Other affidavits in support of your application, such as from your employer confirming you will lose your job if you cannot drive.

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