4 Best Places to Eat When in Brisbane

Brisbane boasts a thriving dining scene unlike any other. The city has been showcasing its culinary prowess through its many restaurants, bars, and cafes, and eateries. With fresh, local produce prepared and cooked utilising simple to sophisticated culinary techniques from around the globe, you can expect nothing less than an amazing experience dining in and around Brisbane. Here are the top picks from our Brisbane workers compensation lawyers.

1. Gerard’s Bistro

One of the hottest restaurants in Brisbane happens to be serving Middle Eastern cuisine. Gerard’s Bistro at Fortitude Valley has been receiving positive reviews from food critics and regular diners alike. The sleek interiors and the delectable menu will most definitely get you hooked on the unique gastronomic adventures that only Gerard’s Bistro can deliver. According to its Executive Chef, the well-respected, Adam Wolfers, some of their best sellers are crispy malawach pastry with smoked labne, dukkah and grilled coconut broccolini with goats curd, and smoked cabbage skewers with mizo drizzle.

2. Julius Pizzeria

If you ever find yourself in South Brisbane, we highly recommend paying a visit at Julius Pizzeria. Why? Because who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the quintessential comfort food for everyone, and if you dine in at Julius Pizzeria, you are in for a treat. You might have to endure a long queue before you can get a table, but their pizzas are definitely worth the wait. They make everything from scratch and bake the pizza in wood fire ovens. You can rest assured to enjoy the finest of ingredients and flavour that are simply beyond words. Some notable house specials include pappardelle pasta in a duck and tomato ragu, risotto, and prosciutto and mushroom pizza. If you’re looking for authentic Italian fare, Julies Pizzeria is hands down the best in Brisbane.

3. Upstairs at Toombul

If you are traveling with a large group, choosing a dining place that everyone can agree on is next to impossible. You won’t have this problem at Upstairs at Toombul. This dining space features a circus-themed concept where there’s something for everyone. The interiors are colourful street art, installations, and quirky furniture all housed under one gigantic roof.

The Upstairs at Toombul isn’t just a large dining venue, but it’s an entertainment space where people can dine on excellent food, play arcade games, bowling, and even enjoy cocktails. It’s a place where people of all ages can come eat good food and have a great time. Some of the most popular food items are the ramen from Niku Ramen, Chinese food at Jackpot Dining, luscious desserts from Max Brenner, and craft beers at Dapple+Waver.

4. Homage Restaurant

Homage is a resident restaurant located up at Spicers Hidden Vale at Grandchester. This may not be your first choice upon your visit to Brisbane, but you’ll find yourself glad to have tried their elegant and scrumptious menu. Homage is headed by award-winning Head Chef, Ash Martin. As the name suggest, the restaurant pays its respects to Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs areas that are known for their abundance of fresh, local produce. Of course, they only use local produce in their menu, so you can rest assured that everything served are fresh and of good quality.

The setting of Homage is breath taking as it sits on a 12,000-acre working farm. The restaurant interior is decorated by elegant, country-themed décor. The menu starts at $75 for a two-meal course and $89 for a three-course meal. The entrees are both exciting and delicious at homage. On the menu, you’ll find items such as emu, coal roasted pork, and wood roasted chicken for a change. The restaurant excels in desserts, with lemon tart and mascarpone and Brie cheesecake as two of their best sellers.

Indeed, Brisbane’s dining scene has finally come into its own. It has successfully created its own unique identity that is different from other capital cities. From modern, fusion, fine dining, to traditional Spanish cuisine, Brisbane has everything that you need to delight the palate and excite the senses.

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