A Guide to Living in Gold Coast

Are you planning to live in the Gold Coast? If you are seriously considering calling one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations your new home, it’s good to get a quick overview of things to expect once you settle down in this city in Queensland.

Think of sparkling waters and golden sandy beaches that stretch for miles, as well as those amazing theme parks that your family will certainly enjoy. Here are a few facts about life in the Gold Coast that you will find useful while preparing your trip to your new home.

Here are some of the things to consider courtesy of our Gold Coast insurance lawyer team.

The Gold Coast Job Opportunities

Australians are very much known the world over for their hospitality and kindness. The Gold Coast locals will welcome you with open arms so you can feel right at home. There are many job opportunities waiting for you in Goldy. Employment prospects are steadily growing in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, retail, education, environment, film, healthcare, IT, marine, sports, and tourism.

Whether you are a young professional or an expert in your industry, it won’t be difficult to land a job that offers impressive pay scale and benefits. The Queensland government estimates that the well-developed city of Gold Coast contributes up to 25.3 billion to the nation’s economy. And with 13 billion worth of infrastructure projects, there is always room for more people to cash in on the city’s promising economy.

The Gold Coast Weather

Gold Coast has the perfect weather all-year-round if you’re the type who likes to bask under the sun during free time. The city receives up to 300 days of sunshine annually, with the hottest temperature at 28 °C and cold temperatures in winter, floating between 11 °C and 20. You can enjoy all types of outdoor activities and sports in the Gold Coast without having to fear for unexpected rain or high winds getting in the way.

Excellent Housing Prices

Like any other big city, the housing prices on the Gold Coast vary in terms of location and proximity to the city centre. But the good news is that in Gold Coast, you get a lot from the money you invest on housing. Houses are generously sized and feature amenities such as a separate kitchen and laundry room. Houses are built with the weather in mind, and typically include outdoor spaces where you can relax and entertain family and friends.

Gold Coast Cost of Living

The exact cost of living in Gold Coast will vary depending on factors, including the area or community in which you live, rent prices, and monthly living expenses. On average, people who

are considering to settle down in Gold Coast should allow between 1000AUD and 1400AUD per month to cover for basic expenses, including rent shopping, and transportation. The cost of living can be lower or much higher depending on your personal spending habits and personal lifestyle.

Amazing Beaches

It would be safe to assume that the beaches are one of the top motivations among people moving to Gold Coast. It is undoubtedly hard to resist the crystal blue waters that line its shores. Gold Coast beaches are some of the most stunning in Australia. Surfers will be more than elated with the countless surfing points in the city. Some of the most popular are Kirra Beach, Nobby Beach, Main Beach, Burleigh Heads, and Coolangatta Beach.

Truly, Gold Coast is an amazing city to settle in. It has the perfect combination of modern comforts, affordable cost of living, excellent school systems, and awe-inspiring natural resources that complete its beauty.

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