Lockett McCullough Referral Program

Lockett McCullough Laywers are excited to announce our new referral program for agents who wish to refer clients to us.

Our referral fee is $50.00 per Purchase or Sale Contract.

For each buyer you refer to us, you will be eligible for our referral fee.

We aim to provide a high-quality service to your clients, with free pre-contract advice for buyers and sellers.

Here are the terms of our program:

  • $50.00 per Purchase or Sale Contract
  • Payable by way of a quarterly giftcard.
  • They must send at least 8 per quarter in order to be eligible
  • Does not count for existing clients, only applies to new client referrals
  • Contracts must settle – terminated contracts do not count.
  • No discounts for their personal matters
  • Where there are multiple referral sources, we go by who the client lists on their Client Information Form

What we offer:

  • Pre-Contract advice free of charge for buyers and sellers
  • PEXA Settlements for almost every transaction
  • Reasonably priced conveyancing for Buyers and Sellers
  • Brisbane’s most experienced conveyancers
  • Good communication and keeping you up to date with the progress of every transaction

Have a referral? Reach out to us.

Call us at a location that suits you!

07 3870 8244 (Toowong)
07 3264 7692 (Albany Creek)
07 5449 7500 (Tewantin)