Top 4 Parks to Visit When in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the most popular vacation spots for locals and foreign tourists alike. Its natural beauty is boundless and the year-round sunny weather make it paradise on earth. But did you know that apart from its stunning beaches, Gold Coast is teeming with gorgeous, expansive parks, too?

Apart from sunbathing, surfing, and other water-based activities, Gold Coast also boasts an impressive list of parks. Whether you are a theme park enthusiast or a nature lover who find calm while being surrounded by trees, there’s a park that you’ll be more delighted to experience for yourself.

Here are some of our Gold Coast injury lawyers‘ top picks for parks that are worth checking out:

1. Budds Beach Reserve

This is a peaceful escape from the more popular beach spots in Gold Coast. It is situated in a secluded spot a few minutes away from Surfers Paradise. This inland retreat was established near the Nerang River, so you’re not too far from water if you decide to cool off from the hot sun.

It’s a more tamed activity spot for jet ski and boat riders, as well as people who simply want to relax minus the crowd. Budds Beach Reserve is the best park to experience with your friends and family as it features a playground, simple amenities, and other recreational facilities.

2. Hinzedam

If you’re thinking of a place where you can take your family out for a great picnic under the sun, make sure to consider Hinzedam at Advancetown. After a scenic drive to Advancetown, you can choose from the many picnic tables that scatter across the area. If you want to explore the places around the dam, why not bring your bike with you? If you don’t like preparing too much for a picnic and want to simply enjoy nature in all its glory, we highly recommend paying Hinzedam a visit.

3. Seaworld

Seaworld is for every one who wants to be in awe just by seeing large sea animals up close or performing in front of the huge crowd. This marine park is on the list of most tourists, and rightfully so. It doesn’t matter how old you are; exhibits and shows in Seaworld will leave you amazed nonetheless. If you like watching dolphins and sea lions interacting with humans, or feeding penguins, seeing polar bears and sharks in a different light, Seaworld is where you’ll experience all of them and so much more. And if these aren’t enough, you’ll be happy knowing the theme park has its own set of rides, too!

4. Lamington National Park

A World Heritage recipient, Lamington National Park is a mere 60-minute drive from Surfers Paradise. It is known all over the country for its awe-inspiring rainforests, wildlife, and waterfalls. It’s a haven for birders as the park features up to 190 species to date. From brilliantly coloured parrots or the elusive bowerbird, we won’t blame you if you spend hours on end marvelling at birds and plants in Lamington National Park. Other wildlife that you will most likely encounter as you walk through the park are red-necked pademelons and long-nosed bandicoots.

These are just a few of the beautiful parks in Gold Coast that are open to the public. Give your Gold Coast itinerary some variety and educational element to make your trip fun, exciting, and educational.

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