Have you been injured? What do you do now?

Accidents can happen everyday and doing everyday activities.  They happen when we least expect it.  Everyday activities come with inherent risks of injury.  When you are involved in an accident, it is a traumatic, overwhelming and scary experience.

The first thought that you have is – what do I do now?!

Accidents often happen when we are on the road, at work, from falls at the shopping centre, falls from heights (like a balcony).

If you find yourself in such a position, there is a few hot tips that can assist in the event that you need to make a claim for compensation: –

  1. Photos of the accident scene. These can be pivotal to recreate the accident scene.
  2. Photos of your injuries such as bruising, breaks or other visible signs of trauma;
  3. Witness details. Obtaining name and contact details of anyone who saw what happened can also prove to be very valuable.  When we suffer a trauma, our memories can play tricks on us.  Having an independent witness who can verify the circumstances of the event can make or break a case.
  4. In a car accident – obtain details of the driver and the registration number of the other vehicles;
  5. See your doctor and document your injuries. Have your doctor give you a referral for medical treatment and allied health such as for x-rays and other scans, specialist advice, physiotherapy, counselling or any other recommended course of therapy.
  6. If you pay for any treatment or other expenses associated with your injuries, keep records of your costs. You may be able to claim these back later!

But most of all – stay calm! Help is out there.

You should contact an experienced compensation lawyer for advice about what happened as soon as possible following an accident and to find out if there is any avenue to obtaining compensation.  Commencing a claim for compensation sooner rather than later also enables you and your compensation lawyer to work together to gather and collect evidence when it is fresh.

There are strict time limits to make a claim in Queensland depending on the relevant law that applies to your claim.

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Courtney Lockett is a solicitor admitted in the Law Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia with years of law practice in Brisbane and Townsville. She has experience in various specialised areas of law such as property law, business and commercial law, family law, criminal law, succession law, and litigation. Click here to learn more about Courtney or follow her on Linkedin

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